Focuses on how to design something no one has ever seen before.

Ryan Kingslien has created an EBook that documents one of the coolest exercises I’ve seen artist’s do.  It’s from Carlos Huante’s course at Concept Art Workshop.

The basic idea is that one of the hardest things we can do is create something unique, something that no one has seen before…
This is Carlos’ expertise. It’s why he is called in by directors like Ridley Scott. It’s not because he can draw well.  There are hundreds of guys that draw well.
It’s because he can come up with ideas that no one has seen before.  He can design creatures that shouldn’t be possible but that we want to be possible.
The exercise he has his students do is useful to ANY ARTIST. It’s not just for creature people.
The book also talks about “tropes”.  These are basically like visual motifs that we, as artists, can use to evoke emotions.  They can be the biggest issue we designers face.
People today have seen so much… There are thousands of designs done every day by artists…  These designs become traps that artist can fall into and it is so hard to get out of!
An example, is the classic werewolf.  This is a design that once had power but now it just looks like the same old boring thing… broad shoulders, gorilla back, huge paws…