Here are three tips to help you find that perfect art college.

Q My name is Hushawn. I have found the love for concept environments and have been looking at schools such as: Gnomon, LVAD (Laguna College Art and Design), and also Ringling College of Art and Design. Are these the right schools? I am open to suggestions please. I am honestly just trying to figure out where I should go because I don’t really have a concept art portfolio yet.

A Hey Hushawn, don’t worry about not having the concept art portfolio yet, since it will be the school’s job to help you develop one. I can’t speak directly to Gnomon, LVAD, and Ringling College since I’m not up to date with their current curriculum, but I can say this: Technically, ANY ART COLLEGE where you study art for at least six hours each day and learn the foundation skills, such as perspective, anatomy, lighting, color, etc. will suffice (you don’t need to go to a concept art school – I didn’t). When making your choice here’s what I would consider (in no particular order):

1. Location opportunities:
Try to find a school that is located in a city that is home to several video game studios or one that hosts a few concept art expos/ work shops (I immediately think of LA as a prime example of this, but it’s not the only location). By doing so, you’ll be closer to the action when it’s time to get a job (you can interview locally, attend concept art workshops in your area, have greater networking opportunities, etc.).
2. Teachers
They can only teach you what they know. If you want to learn something that they don’t know, then they will not be the right people to learn from. So, whichever school employs the teachers who do exactly what you want to do, will be the right school for you. To find out, you’ll have to visit each schools’ website, find the curriculum, then track down the teachers who you will be studying under. This can be a tedious process, but the answers can save you from a world of grief down the road. There’s nothing worse than finding out a year later, that you picked the wrong school.
3. Affordability
I can’t stress this enough: The cost of an art college can be astronomical! Sometimes, the right art school for you may be as simple as the one that you can afford, or has a payment plan. As an alternative, consider attending online workshops that are much cheaper and will give you the same information and guidance. If you haven’t already, check out my Education and Schooling resources page:
I hope that helps


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