As an author of this blog, readers usually ask me (Eliott Lilly) questions about the concept art industry, but every now and then I also get asked personal questions as well.  Here are a few short answers to the questions frequent asked about myself.

I noticed that you deal with mostly gun designs and mech based units. Where do you get your inspiration for some of these works?

I, like most people, draw inspiration from everywhere.  I keep a watchful eye on “Life” and absorb everything like a sponge.  This means being attentive to things like current events, nature, books, movies, etc. In fact, some of my favorite pieces off art are a result of my natural curiosity to understand Life.  If, while walking down the street I see something of interest, then I may photograph it, so it can be researched further when I get home.  This leads to a deeper understanding of what things are and how they work.  Form there, it’s just a matter of incorporating what I have learned into my own design ideas, then turning that idea into an image. This mash up of random ideas usually yields a unique (and hopefully cool) looking end result.  If you are struggling with an idea, you may want to try this as well.

Do you rely on computer graphics or do you still draw daily?

I do both. Every day I paint for hours on the computer (usually for work or personal projects), but I reach for my sketchbook whenever I have to quickly problem solve an idea in my head. I do this because, despite all of the advances in technology, I still find that drawing on paper with pencil is the quickest and easiest way to explore ideas and gather my thoughts.

I’m trying to improve my book and Reference library – I’m curious to know what you would recommend.

Buying books is great way to learn.  I have hundreds. Check out the recommend resources page to see my personal favorites.

 If you would like to ask your own question, feel free to drop a line to me@eliottlillyart.com.  It may take some time, but I will do my best to respond.