Question submitted by Josh N.

Hi. I read your article on Artstation “10 things to do before you apply for a concept art job” and I was glad to learn I’ve been doing some of the right things while learning others. I would like to ask though, in regard to expos, do you have any suggestions for which to attend besides the obviously (E3), I have one major obstacle between me and a career in game art, living in Warsaw, IN.


Hi josh,

I’m not too familiar with the gaming events taking place in Warsaw, IN.  You will have to do some research there to see if/ when there will be another local event. A quick google search on my part turned up this list of gaming conventions.

As far as other gaming conventions go, you’re right: any of the big ones will do.  I personally had a lot of success at GDC (Game Developers Conference).  Vendors were easily approachable and had a good number of staff on-hand to look at portfolios.   If you can spring for it, that’s where I would start.