Eliott Lilly talks about his upcoming book written for any artist struggling to break into this competitive video game industry.

Hey everyone, Eliott Lilly, Author of: “An Insider’s Guide for Students”,  here.


I am in the process of writing my second book: “How To Start Your Career As A Concept Artist” (Working Title).  It offers advice on how to break into the industry and stay there.  Here is a quick rundown of topics so far:

I want to make this THE DEFINITIVE, GO-TO BOOK on this subject, but I need your help!

• The importance of developing long-term goals.
• How to develop your artistic “voice” as a concept artist.
• How to determine what makes your work unique.
• How to ace the interview process.
• How to find the right like-minded studio.
• How to market your portfolio.
• Why you should nurture an online presence.
• How to create a brand.
• How to price your talents as a concept artist.
• How to negotiate contracts.

If you have suggestions for additional topics, or if you have a burning question that you would like answered then send it to me@eliottlillyart.com. If you are personally struggling to break into this competitive industry, and can’t figure out why, then I want to hear from you.  Send me an email stating your issues and a few samples of your best work (or a link to your online portfolio) and I will do my best to address your issues.

Thanks in advance for your help and continued support in the Big Bad World Of Concept Art..