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This week, ending 6/20/2015, we have compiled a small list of recommended social forums and art galleries for artists.

Artist exposure is an integral part of being an artist. Artist new to this field should consider joining places like these as it will
give way to building a strong portfolio, networking, and getting a job in the industry.


3DTotal (forums, tutorials, news, gallery, and textures)
ArtStation (artist galleries and job search)
Behance (artist portfolios)
CG Channel (forums, tutorials, news, gallery, and competitions) 
CG Meetup (forums, tutorials, news, gallery, job search, and textures)
CG Society (forums, tutorials, news, gallery, job search, and workshops) (forums, artist gallery, and job search)
DeviantArt (forums, artist gallery, and competitions)
Digital Artlords (artist gallery)
DrawCrowd (artist gallery)
Imagine FX Creative Blog (tutorials, news, and artist interviews)
LayerPaint (forums, tutorials, artist gallery, textures, brushes, and artist interviews) (forums, tutorials, artist gallery, and job search)
Polycount (forums, news, artist gallery, job search, and competitions)

We have updated our recommended resources page with these goodies. You can view the entire list of resources here:

Want to help us grow our resources section? If a resource has helped you greatly please e-mail it to me or any suggestions 
to: I will be keeping this list updated as I discover new entries. Thank you--


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